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Global Changemaker Contest Winning Logo: School, Sport, Life

Global Changemaker Contest Winning Logo: School, Sport, Life

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We challenged our Global students to ask themselves "What does being a changemaker mean to you?" and to create a logo that represents their vision. We are pleased to announce the Grade 10 - 12 Winning Team: Doan's Golden Children (Prince Albert Campus)

Logo Description: Our focus for the Global logo was to represent the three pillars of Global Sports Academy; being a good student, athlete, and human. This means striving for success in school, sports, and life. The first two letters represent the school pillar of Global and the dedication and prioritization it takes to reach a high level of excellence in academics. Next, we chose to represent the athletics portion, there is no way to show the countless hours of work it takes to be successful in game, however the result of all the behind-the-scenes commitment is the accolades and on court/ice performance. Finally, we believe that Global plays a huge part in teaching student athletes the skills they will use later in life as adults, including the skills of finding balance, prioritizing, and work ethic, along with leadership skills, and dedication. Every pillar within Global Sports Academy is contributing to the life we are building for ourselves as student athletes, and human beings.

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